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Tuesday, December 2, 2014


So I have been on vacation for the past week and today is my last day of vacation. I placed a few orders before I left and then I logged into the account halfway through my vacation and placed a few more orders. It has been nice, I have made just as much money as I would have and I have only been spending about 1/4 of the time doing it. It has been great. The AUD has been great to me over break. I made 2 trades in the AUD (longing it) and made a 5.5% account gain. In just a short 4 days (6 days, bur 2 were the weekend) I made a total of 8% flat. It has been great. So my account is way on schedule, actually a tad ahead of schedule. I will make a larger post tomorrow that covers more of my trades and more of my thoughts on the different currencies.

#YoungBuffett Out


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