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Monday, November 24, 2014

Take Profit

Over night some of my trades that were killing me, like the NZD/CHF... but it turned around like I expected. It was hard to let them hold over night being down over 100 pips. I had to not get emotional and just stick with what the charts were reading. Thank God I stayed the course and didn't fear going long (time). I ended up edging out a 1.2% portfolio gain on that one trade alone. Then my EUR/USD edged my portfolio up another 1.1% (I know I said it is going to 1.26 and I still think it is, but I took my profit when I could), for a total gain on the day of 2.312% on my portfolio.

Tonight will be the last limit trades I place for the month before I leave for a vacation. I won't be placing any more trades until I get back on 12/3. But as it stands right now, November gave me a gain of 29.08%! In one month, that is fantastic. Just if I didn't have that dreaded 11/14 day where my portfolio lost 23.08% in one day... but thems the breaks haha. Its all part of the game and I am still net positive, which is fantastic.

How have you all been doing with the wild Yen? Do you think the USD run is over? I am on the fence, I think that the EUR is going to start gaining some more on the USD and definitely think that that the USD will start losing some ground against some of the other major currencies... I hope I am wrong, simply because I like when the USD does well because my stocks go up :)

Anywho, that is all for the day, I woke up to a few nice notifications on my phone of Take Profit. Here is my month, the last few days are flat because... well we haven't gotten there yet, so the graph is using data from my current portfolio standing:

#YoungBuffett Out


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