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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Intraweek Orders

I couldn't get my screen recorder to work properly yesterday when I placed my orders, so I am going to write about them instead.

Let's begin by going over which orders were executed from my Sunday trades. The AUD/USD was executed and within 7 minutes it took profit... giving me a 2.67% portfolio gain. This 7-year plan has one key element... I am not required to make a trade... I am merely required to make the right trades. I only trade when the signals are absolutely perfect.

As for my intraweek orders. Looking at the USD/CAD, I placed a short order at 1.17076 for 5K units, looking for a T/P at 1.16988. This entry order is a perfect split of the R2 and the upper Bollinger Band. This order is my favorite of the intraweek and all indicators point to an execution.

Next up, longing the AUD/CAD, 5K units at .93387 and a T/P at .93457. This order lines up the S2 and lower Bollinger Band perfectly.

I am very excited to be trading in the AUD/USD this week. A buy order placed at the perfect line up up S2 and my lower Bollinger Band (.81087) with a T/P at .80082.

Rather than going through all of my orders individually, I am posting the remaining orders here:

All of these orders are either a split different of R2 with an upper band, S2 with a lower band, or in some of the cases (the best cases) a perfect alignment of R2/S2 with the upper/lower Bollinger Band.

Happy trading. Merry Christmas. I will see you all on Sunday and will definitely be creating a video for that trading session.

#YoungBuffett Out


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