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Wednesday, November 19, 2014


So can I just say... WOW! After losing nearly 6% this morning, I rode the GBP/JPY for a daily net of +12.78%. Today has been super volatile too. Anyone else notice this? I jumped a 25 pip gain on one trade, then rode it back the other way back down 28 pips. It is up and down today. Some of the more obscure pairs have had changes of over 1,200 pips!

My wife is amazing as always. She keeps me on track. Even when I have a big set back and want to pull it all out and cut my loses, she keeps me motivated and reminds me that losses are part of the game. Sometimes you need to take a step (or 5) backwards in order to take 15 forwards. A bad day is nothing compared to a good one... if you remember to follow the system and not get emotional.

#YoungBuffett out


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