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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Morning Orders and the EUR/USD

So the EUR/USD has become bearish. I was expecting it to dip slightly lower before becoming bearish. I will hold it a tad longer, hoping for a quick and strong bullish trend. I may be grasping at air though haha. Stop loss is getting awfully close. I do have a limit buy at 1.24 and expect a bullish climb to 1.25. (For those new to trading, either stocks or forex, check this out to learn what bullish and bearish mean.) I promised no technical on this blog, so that is the simple of it. If you want my reasons, feel free to contact me (see the contact me form on the right).

As for my other orders, I have a couple new ones I placed today. I place all my orders as limits, so I placed a ZAR/JPY, TRY/JPY, AUD/HKD, and EUR/AUD. I will place a few more later today, probably around 6 or so...

#YoughBuffett out


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