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Friday, November 21, 2014


My bearish EUR/USD inclination panned out today with a large crash. I am happy about that drop. I am not taking up a long position that, based on my calculations should start a bullish trend topping out around 1.255. I am setting a take profit at 1.25. Should be a healthy week long gain and give me a 12% weekly gain on that one trade alone... again this is all based off of indicators and calculations I have done, I do not account for world news... I find it never really helps me... maybe something I should work on haha.

This month is about over for me, my last day of trading will be Tuesday because I am going on vacation, but already I am up over 25% for the month and hope to repeat that again next month. This month I didn't think I would pull it out with two days of double digit percentage losses. But... God is great, my wife is amazing, and my strategy is working.

#YoungBuffett out... see you next week


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