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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Week of December 14, 2014

It is 4:00 and I am sitting down to analyze the charts for the week. This week I will tell you which orders I placing and I may even place an image or two :) I will also tell you which pairs I am not going to place orders in. I analyze charts twice a week... Sunday and Wednesday. I set up my orders to expire after two days. 

This post may be more technical than my normal posts, but will also give you a little inside into how my mind works... so enjoy, this may be the only time I give you a snippet into my forex strategy. To start with, I trade using the 1 week charts, having my Bollinger Bands, SMA, EMA, and WMA on the chart and then I draw my pivot points over the weekly chart too. 

So let's start with the AUD/CAD, AUD/CHF, AUD/USD, GBP/AUD, and USD/CHF. I am not placing any orders in any of them today. The pivot points are way below the Bollinger Bands, which means that the technical indicators are not lining up. To explain what I mean, see the image below, which is a chart of the AUD/CAD and the same thing is happening with all of these pairs. 

Next is the CAD/CHF. I will be placing a limit sell order for this pair, but no limit buy. The reason is because my R2 and my upper Bollinger Band line up almost perfectly. This means to me that if the pair manages to jump that high, it will hit that ceiling and have to drop back down... at least a few pips, which is all I need in order to make a profit. For the USD/JPY, I placed a very similar order. However, R2 was slightly above my upper Bollinger Band, so I split the difference (see my last chart for what I mean on splitting the difference.) Here is the CAD/CHF chart:

Next we come to the EUR/GBP. This is one of the most stable pairs that I trade. Typically they are pretty similar in movement because their economies are so closely related and intertwined. This pair stays within their Bollinger Bands almost always and typically adhere to their pivot points. So I have placed  limit buy AND a limit sell with this pair. I also placed limit buy and limit sell orders for the NZD/USD due to the exact same technical indications. Here is the EUR/GBP chart:

The EUR/USD, EUR/CAD, GBP/CHF, GBP/USD, and NZD/CAD are all very similar in my CAD/CHF except I am placing a limit buy only, my S2 is a tad below the lower Bollinger Band, so I split the different and placed a limit buy order. The only difference is the GBP/USD (the lower band and the S2 are perfectly lined up.) Here is the EUR/USD chart:

So, that is my outlook for the week, or at least the first couple of days. If you are wondering about the USD/CAD, I am actually short in the pair currently and up a few pips, waiting for it to hit a 12 pip profit then my T/P will be engaged. I have also been asked about my use of the MACD... well I don't use it too often. Honestly, I use the MACD when I am already in a trade and my T/P or Stop Loss has not been engaged for a couple of days, so I look at the daily MACD to see if I should just get out or hold on.

Happy trading this week. 

#Young Buffett out. 


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