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Tuesday, December 9, 2014


So the Non-Farm report came out last week. I meant to post about it then, but I have been so busy applying for jobs since I lost mine last week. Anywho, long story short, the USD gained over all pairs in my portfolio... which was a bummer for my USD/MXN pair. I am still holding it though for the daily interest and I still see it coming back around. So, I am short on the pair and plan to stick by the indicators.

As for my other trades this week, I hardly ever use the news as a source of indication on my trades and 99% of my trades are based off of technical indicators, which is why I made a decent amount of money on longing the JPY this week. Due to the JPY steady decline.. it finally hit a solid resistance and bounced. At the beginning of the week I took up long position in the GBP/JPY, the AUD/JPY, and the USD/JPY. I made a decent 2% on each of these trades. My favorite technical indication is when the R3 or S3 line up with the Bollinger Bands and they did this week. When I see that, I know the enter that position either long or short (depending on which band we are talking about). I did the same thing with the NZD/CHF this week and that gave me a nice 1.1% gain.

So that is my week in a nutshell. Honestly, it has been a slow last two weeks for me. I am up about 10% this month, which is on my goal line, but I am typically slightly ahead of my goal. Either way, I am beaming with joy because I am making money and not losing it. Thank you Mr. Warren Buffett for those words of wisdom.

As always, my amazing wife keeps me strong and encourages me to stick to my system and not get emotional. The best advice ever... there is no need to make money, so it is better to just wait for the perfect trade rather than risk it. Since then, I haven't felt a need to invest out of necessity, only when the timing is right.

#YoungBuffett Out!


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