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Sunday, December 21, 2014

12/21/2014 Weekly Outlook

For those of you that didn't already see my newest video on YouTube, you can check it out here --- this video is an overview of my early week orders and a little insight into this week's market.

I expect to see make some money in the EUR this week, especially in my EUR/GBP and EUR/USD this week. The EUR/USD has remained relatively flat the past 3 weeks serious downward pressure due to the European debt crisis. BUT what will become of the USD in 2015? With the Fed telling us that interest rates are going to go up next year, the USD can only expect to slow down and will begin to reverse direction on most major currencies once that rate does climb (most likely around the middle of the year).

So for the week of 12/21/2014, what orders did I place? I will talk about my trades in terms of which one is next to be executed. The AUD/USD is actually being traded this week. After staying out of the AUD last week due to my S1 and S2 being above my below Bollinger Band, I placed a limi buy order at .8106 (28 pips away). My S1 is finally within the bands and my S2 is aligned perfectly with the lower band. A 5,000 unit order moving merely 5 pips will give me a very decent ROI.

Next, the EUR/GBP, like I said, I am expecting some big stuff from the EUR this week. With a 3,000 unit order placed long on this pair at .77981 (29.9 pips away) a 5.8 pip bounce will leave me with a nearly 2.6% portfolio gain.

Below are the rest of my early week orders in order of closest to farthest away from being executed:

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I am going to be making my next video on Tuesday afternoon. Be sure to keep a look out. I will go over my intraweek orders. Also, I will be posting on the blog tomorrow about some micro-trading.

Happy trading. #YoungBuffett out.


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