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Friday, November 14, 2014


It's Friday! That means the end of the monotonous work week and hello to fun in the sun. The trading week was a bit of a U for me. What do I mean? Well I started the week off at $269.27, had a boom on Monday of 4.51%, then slowly each day was worse than the previous... Tuesday gain 1.97%, Wednesday gain 1.35%, Thursday 1.79% and then Friday... it's still only 7:12 AM PST and I am up 8.83%! Thank you USD for booming on the new retail sales report haha. I honestly don't trade according to the news, but it definitely gave me a nice boom!

My wife kept me strong this week. The EUR/JPY is kicked my ass a bit. I took a 5% (account value) loss on Wednesday... partly why my day was my worst of the week. She made me stick to my rules... thank you, because now it is even higher and I woulda been sitting with a huge loss of 10-15%.

Anywho, I wish all of you the best of luck trading. #YoungBuffett out


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