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Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Beginning

This blog is dedicated to my journey through Forex. It all began with a $500 investment on October 15, 2014. I had been working for a while on developing a system based loosely off of George Soros, Warren Buffet stock strategy, and the plethora of data on dailyfx.

I killed it for 2 weeks. I was gaining an average of 2.7% a day on a 5 day a week trading pattern. I had my account to $652 and change by the Halloween. Well, I lost track of my own rules, which I knew I needed to be following strictly! I put WAY to much into a trade that went south quick. I mean, who woulda thought that a report from the Fed about the buy back of bonds would make such a drastic jump. Within a weekend my account was obliterated to $228. I had a margin call and lost it. I was not happy, but it I am happy it happened.

Why am I happy? Well this huge loss happened near the beginning of my journey (well my third journey, but the first time I had a plan and a system). This means I had a quick wake up call, if I stick to my system and follow my rules, I will indeed do well. I showed it by making $152 (30.4%) in 2 weeks.

Today is November 11, 2014, Happy Veteran's day. My account over the last 11 days has been doing great. I turned the $228 into $290.77 (27.53% gain). I have been following my rules and sticking to my system. The best part, my wife keeps me accountable. She doesn't know my rules or anything about Forex... except for the fact that the charts give her a panic attack in 3 seconds and that the analysis is boring as hell haha. For me on the other hand, I LOVE IT! I can look at the charts and analyze them quickly, love love love it! Off the bunny trail... my wife keeps me accountable.

Every day my wife says, "Are you sticking to your rules?" or a I will get a text while at work, "Remember your rules." I love it and I love her for it. It truly does keep my honest to the system. Today was tough... the AUD/JPY has given me a battle and as much as I want to keep in it and reinvest (past where my rules and system allow me) while it was going the wrong way, I didn't. I knew that if my wife asked if I stuck to my rules that day, I wouldn't want to disappoint her.

So, this is just an intro to this blog. Honestly, I have blogged a little before, but never really stuck with it. We will see if I do with this one. No promises will be made to a daily or even weekly update haha. I will not be putting technical charts and jargon on here. This is simply a catalogue of my journey. I will keep you updated with my progress. I will also post my goals here soon so you can see where I hope to be. The basic is a goal of 2.5% a day, which I have been doing a fairly good job at. My record was a tad over 8% in a day. Cest la vie. Here goes nothing.


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